Gay Gordons Edinburgh

The LGBTQI Scottish Country Dance Group  

Autumn 2011; 5th September – 12th December
In preparation for our 2nd Ceilidh, we decided to have Ceilidh dancing on alternate nights to introduce the dances and to encourage less regular attendees to come to the ceilidh. These “Ceilidh” nights started in week 6 and there were 2 in consecutive weeks immediately prior to the event (weeks 12 & 13).
For the other nights, the group was usually split into two sections after the interval so that less experienced dancers could be helped with technique and those with more experience could learn new dances. Everyone came together again for the last dance (or two). This continued until after the Ceilidh. The programme on the last night was members’ requests
Spring 2012; 9th January – 2nd April
An influx of new dancers at the start of the term meant that the first few weeks included more simple & Ceilidh dances than originally planned. The practice of separating into two groups was discontinued.
An invitation to dance at the Dumfries LGBT Youth Group’s Burns Night Ceilidh meant that the Week 3 programme was designed to prepare participants for leading & demonstrating dances there.
In the second half of the term we were preparing for the Tartan Day Dance run by Manchester Gay Gordons, so on the nights of weeks 10-12 we included all the dances from their dance programme – several of them unfamiliar.
Summer 2012; 23rd April – 25th June
With a more stable (and slightly smaller) group each Monday, this term has been devoted to introducing more of the standard figures from Scottish Country Dances and therefore learning the dances in which they appear. Step practice & teaching have involved the whole group.
Other dances have been introduced with the aim of enabling members to go to the open-air dancing in Princes Street Gardens on Monday nights after the end of our term – the night which looks most promising is 16th July, as the group has already encountered more than half the dances on the programme. The remainder were incorporated in our nights from week 4 onwards.
The last night was another members’ request night and dancing followed the AGM..